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No matter where you live, the home interiors, room layout, sounds from the street, even the color of your walls come together to determine the character of your home. The home decor influences your mental and physical health in surprising ways every day. Bayswater Designs is a Home Decor company headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada. The company was founded in the midst of the Pandemic since we realized that as people spend more time at homes and are having continuous mood swings, it’s the surroundings- the décor that can help boost the happiness.

Bayswater Designs is a company that would like to bring the calmness, coolness and clarity of the Bays to your homes. Each and every collectible from our portfolio offers a sense of serenity and luxuriousness for your home and surroundings. We create designs that are aesthetically appealing, practically useful and do not burden the pocket. The innovative designs and the practicality of our products sets us apart. We use materials in our products that are reliable and long lasting that includes Brass, Marble and Copper. These materials are signs of strength and durability and that’s what we believe in. Our customers use our products for homes, hotels, work places and we are delighted to see their satisfaction.


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